Eco Dancers is an environmentally sustainable dancewear brand which partners with leading dance schools and ballet academies co-operatively to offer environmentally friendly dance apparel for everyday classes, performances, competition and examinations.

Our dancewear is eco-friendly, sustainable and economically attainable for all with no reduction in beauty or quality. 

Fast fashion and luxury companies are burning millions of dollars’ worth of clothes they can’t sell. Often in dancewear, elaborate and expensive but environmentally damaging costumes are used briefly and then left in cupboards and eventually thrown away.

By working directly with dance studios and parents to make dancewear to order (the opposite of fast fashion) Eco Dancers promotes environmental sustainability - the manufacturing and recycling system reduces textile waste, is eco-friendly and helps everyone in the community.

It is addressing these challenges that is driving the two strong Aboriginal women Koby Elliott and Ella Havelka to co-found the company, Eco Dancers.  Ella - the first Aboriginal ballerina selected for the Australian Ballet Company is the brand ambassador and artistic director.  She brings years of design and dance experience. Koby is the CEO and environmentalist.


Introducing our co-founders 


Ella Havelka - Artistic Director

Ballet Dancer and artist Ella Havelka is our global brand ambassador and a talented designer.  She is the subject of a feature length documentary film highlighting her tremendous commitment to dance and Instyle 2017 Women of the Year for the Arts. Her determination and discipline saw Ella journey from a humble home in Dubbo, shared with her single mother, to the peak of our nation’s premier ballet company.  


Koby Elliott - CEO

Koby is passionate about building an environmentally sustainable dancewear business. Her daughter started dancing in 2017 at a dance studio that models a commitment to ‘war on waste’, something she is also passionate about and was excited to see at her daughter’s dance studio. Koby founded Eco Dancers to partner co-operativly with Dance schools to offer cost effective, eco friendly dancewear. As a cancer survivor, Koby is focussed on how precious all life is and it is reflected in her vision to ensure our earth and oceans do not have to endure unsustainable material and to preserve our earth for our children and our children’s children.



Key Impact Measurements Koby and Ella have established for their business:

 Charity - Supporting the following charities Ballet Wings, as well as funding an Ella Havelka dance scholarship

Eco technology advancement - pushing for technological improvements and using existing recycled textiles to replace unsustainable dance fabrics.  Our current sustainable fabrics include:

  • rPET - is made from post-consumer recycled plastic such as water bottles, containers, and second-hand polyester garments cutting out the need for virgin polyester.
  • Tencel - made from the pulp of the eucalyptus tree - produced with minimal impact on the environment

Employing The Marginalised – focus on employing Aboriginal artists, low income single parents and unemployed youth in regional NSW

Empowering Women in business – owned and managed by Aboriginal women

Fair Trade - Our manufacturers have no forced labour, no child labour, and a firm belief in working transparently.

 Living Wage - Our manufactures pride themselves on ethically-verified manufacturing practices, providing healthy and safe working environments for workers and living wages to help reduce poverty - creating sustainable communities. 

Sustainable – share, swap, re-sell and recycle second hand clothes

Our multi-facetted approach to addressing the economic and environmental challenges include:

  • Working with our A+ environmentally approved manufacturers to create dancewear just as beautiful, and competition approved but made using recycled and biodegradable environmentally sustainable materials at the same price as buying from our competitors.
  • Building the first global dancewear marketplace, making it easy for dance schools and individuals to donate, sell, buy or swap quality second hand dancewear which is out grown not worn out.
  • Working directly with dance studios to design personalised but eco-friendly studio dancewear which we manufacture.
  • Educating parents and dance teachers on the environmental impact of current suppliers and practices.